5020 Salzburg - 1150 Vienna


Stefan Heizinger is a visual artist and free cultural producer. He lives in Austria, in Salzburg and Vienna, and was born in 1975 in Linz, Upperaustria. Before high school graduation at Gymnasium Petrinum Linz extracurricular activities in the field of visual art, music and literature. From 1994 inter alia artistic studies at the UNIVERSITY MOZARTEUM SALZBURG (AT), especially at the department of fine arts and design, in 2000 graduation as master of arts with excellent success, study stay at the SHEFFIELD HALLAM UNIVERSITY (UK), Residencies at the CITÉ DES ARTS in PARIS (FR) and in BERLIN (DE).


In his work Stefan Heizinger relates to found footage as (camera) images, originals or objects, and transforms them into images with new scope of interpretation. On various levels the artist concentrates on questions such as model and appropriation, reference and reinterpretation, exposure and autonomy. A focus lies on figurative images in interaction with the beholder, challenging contents and an active spatial staging. In his paintings  Stefan Heizinger switches between different levels: The artist especially deals with the portraits of persons, then again he triggers painterly incidents. Stefan Heizinger speaks of circumstances and impacts, which his characters are exposed to. Therein posing and watching merge to a mutual biographical experience of the depicted and the beholders.



Promotion Prize of the Government of Upper Austria 2011

Slavi-Soucek-Stipend 2008

Merit Scholarship of the University Mozarteum 2001



for the Great Art Award of the Government Land Salzburg 2011

for the Kardinal König Art Award 2009

for the STRABAG Art Award 2008

for the Guasch Coranty International Painting Prize 2008



Stipend of the Government Land Salzburg: 2011 Berlin (DE)

2010 Cité des Arts, Paris (FR)

Stipend of the City Salzburg: 2017 C. Rockefeller Center, Dresden (DE) 

2011 Budapest (HU)

Further Residencies: 2010 Paris - Montrouge (FR)

2006 S1 Artspace, Sheffield (UK)


Dresdner International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Directing a Class for Painting, 2014
International Summer Academy of Fine Arts Salzburg, Co-Teaching, 2010
University Mozarteum, Teaching post, 2007/08



Co-Founding and Organisation of
SUPER - Initiative for Interim Use of Vacancies as Cultural Action Area, since 2015

batolit vienna - residency and studio:programme, 2013 - 2017
periscope:project:space, since 2006

Board Member of the Salzburger Kunstverein, since 2013



Artothek des Bundes 

Collection of the Land Upper Austria

Collection Galerie Marenzi

Collection of the City Salzburg

Collection of the Land Salzburg

Museum of Modern Art Salzburg