In his work Stefan Heizinger relates to found footage as (camera) images, originals or objects, and transforms them into images with new scope of interpretation. On various levels the artist concentrates on questions such as model and appropriation, reference and reinterpretation, exposure and autonomy. A focus lies on figurative images in interaction with the beholder, challenging contents and an active spatial staging.


In his paintings Stefan Heizinger switches between different levels: The artist especially deals with the portraits of persons, then again he triggers painterly incidents. Stefan Heizinger speaks of circumstances and impacts, which his characters are exposed to. Therein posing and watching merge to a mutual biographical experience of the depicted and the beholders.

Starting point of my artistic activity is found footage. My artistic work deals with acquirement of these images and their re-interpretation.  I try to open up images for the viewers and stimulate shifts of significance. The working process, for me, is an experience: I want to get rid from the model and the primary related imaginations and come to a new image instead!

During the working process I concentrate on the questions: Where does my imagination dock on these pictures? Which inner barriers open up in the process of engagement and which path leads to more freedom? Which scopes and development potentialities develop? Which momentums emerge and which new meanings can be derived? Now and then actions in the exhibition space embody this involvement.

Choosing my sources I am especially interested in captivating pictures and portraits of people posing for a viewer. I like refering to images of other artists´ works, integrate different styles or now and then use originals to overwork. Often my pictures develop from different ways to paint. Reflecting I consider references by which the new image interacts.

Whilst part of what we receive comes through our senses from the object before us, another part
(and it may be the larger part) always comes out of our own mind.
(William James in The Principles of Psychology)


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